Meet Chante'l



Social Entrepreneur, Founder, & CEO

Pronounced [shan-tay], has had a passion for community outreach and teaching others how to find their happiness and create their safe space since the age of twelve. She declared that she'll impact her community around her with her gifts and love for positive psychology & community mental health advocacy. 

Chante'l has been working with youth and community development for nearly twenty years. Her community service involvement includes: voter registration, socio-economic education in impoverished & rural communities, urban horticulture, agriculture, & sustainability, holistic wellness, mental heath, and community development. Chante'l has been recognized for her community outreach work with various organizations throughout the Southern region of the country.

Chante'l has a deep devotion to her academia of psychology. She has been in the field of mental and behavioral health for over 10 years as a youth counselor and Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist. Chante'l has experience in the hospital, clinical, and school settings. She has conducted assessments and CBT & DBT group therapies with at-risk youth and children with Autism. She has provided the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social well-being through her expertise in yoga, meditation, dance, drumming, expressive writing, and urban horticulture.

Chante'l plans to utilize her experience and education to develop a safe space for underserved communities to master their physical, emotional, cognitive, and social well-being in an effective manner. "I've seen people and families suffer with the lack of support and the lack of resources to get the services they need to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. I want to see people healing and feeling good. I want to help people find their happy place. And I want them to know they have a community that is there to support them through the process." Tonik Soul is that space to fuse the healing arts of psychology and community outreach. And Chante'l is that woman with the mission to make it happen.